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Coding 1

Intro Java - Game Programming with Greenfoot

Preface: Installing Greenfoot

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There are many processes in life that require computer programming that we often don't realize. The article "7 Everyday Tasks Brought to You By Code" illustrates some everyday things we wouldn't expect to require computer programming. You can read it in it's entirety by clicking the link above, but below are show the first three.

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The main point - Code is used everyday in nearly everything that you do. This allows for the people with knowledge of coding to have a great number of opportunities in almost any industry imaginable. The importance of being able to manipulate machinery, software, and all other technologies is always growing. This huge amount of demand for programmers will always be greater than the amount of eligible employees, providing skilled programmers the leverage to have high salaries and the job of their dreams.

You may recognize many of the software engineers below, please allow them to tell you the power of coding and starting a career path in computer science! In the video you will here the below fact.


"In the next 10 years there will be over 1.4 million jobs in computer science with only 400k graduates earning a degree in computer science, that is a shortage of over 1 million jobs!"

Please watch this wonderful video about learning to code!



1.2) Why Are There So Many Programming Languages and Why Start With Java?

Why are there so many Programming Languages? 

With a massive amount of technology needing code to perform different tasks, naturally, a wide-array of programming languages have become popular for different thins. Each language has their advantages and there are more popular languages for different technology. The programming language used to develop a thermometer would be different than the language for creating a website like Twitter. 

New Computer Technologies.png

Why Java? 

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The Java "Write once, run anywhere" slogan highlights how dynamic the language is.  

Wikipedia: "Write once, run anywhere"

"a Java program could be developed on any device, compiled into standard bytecode, and be expected to run on any device equipped with a Java virtual machine (JVM). The installation of a JVM or Java interpreter on chips, devices, or software packages became an industry standard practice.

A programmer could develop code on a PC and expect it to run on Java-enabled mobile phones, as well as on routers and mainframes equipped with Java, without any adjustments. This was intended to save software developers the effort of writing a different version of their software for each platform or operating system they intend to deploy on."

You can see how this could be valuable to a programmer. The ability Java has to be able to be run with any device with a JVM allows programmers a wide variety of technology that they can program how they want.



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Another huge advantage to learning Java is that it has been the most popular programming language on average over the past 20 years and it's not really close. While older languages have fallen off, Java still consistently is at least in the top 3 in any ranking you look at.

Data from the world’s largest job posting aggregator,

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1.3) Why Greenfoot?

Table of Contents

Preface) Installing Greenfoot & Preparation for the Course

Chapter 1

Computer Programming Foundations

1.1) What is Computer Programming?

1.2) Why so Many Programming Languages and Why Start With Java?

1.3) Why Greenfoot?

1.4) What Is Binary and Why Is It Important?

Introduction to Coding 1

1.1) What is Computer Programming?

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 Computer Programming allows you to control and manipulate computers (most all electronic devices) in a way to help perform a task, solve a problem and/or increase efficiency. 

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